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What You to a 51B Investigator Can and Will Be Used Against You

The worlds of criminal law and DCF law often collide when children are involved and result in both criminal charges and supported 51As and assessments.  Take, for example, the case I mentioned in my first post about the war veteran and high-level technician working in emergency rooms.  Struggling to get a handle on why his fiance\’s son was getting into trouble at school (relatively small stuff but concerning nonetheless), he asks the vice-principal for help immediately after a school play on a Friday.  That week the boy had gotten into trouble for the third or so time.  But all the vice-principal had to offer was “Learn to pick your battles.” Continue reading What You Say to a Social Worker Can and Will Be Used Against You!

Let's Define Some Key Terms

For those parents or guardians (or daycare providers or foster parents) out there who are or have been the subject of a 51A report alleging abuse or neglect, it is critical for you to understand a few key terms and how they may apply in your situation.  In my last post, I started providing examples of cases that I have recently handled.  I will provide some additional case summaries shortly, but before I do I think a quick crash course in DCF Regulations is in order.  Therefore, I am providing definitions straight from the DCF Regulations (110 CMR) for the following critical terms: (1) Caretaker; (2) Abuse; and (3) Neglect:

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First Things First

What every parent needs to know and what many have already found out is this: it doesn’t matter how much money you have (or don’t have) or what town you live in, or where you went to school or what school your child goes to or what pediatrician you use.  What I have observed, in over 14 years of representing parents (and children) in DSS / DCF related cases (investigations, Care and Protection and CHINS cases, Fair Hearings etc.), is that EVERY PARENT is now suspectible to getting a 51A filed against them.  No parent or guardian (or for that matter, foster parent or day care provider) seems to be off limits to a DCF investigation.

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Ianiri Law

Welcome to the Ianiri Law blog, the best place to obtain crucial, up to the minute information about the Department of Children and Families (DCF) (formerly the Department of Social Services, or DSS) and what to do if you find yourself the target of a DCF investigation or if your child or children are removed from your home.

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