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Massachusetts Drunk Driving, DUI, OUI

What NOT to do if you are stopped

We have represented many individuals accused of drunk driving in the South Shore (Southeastern, MA), and the greater Boston area.  Two terms frequently used are DUI - Driving Under the Influence and OUI - Operating Under the Influence.  Both these terms mean one thing, if you are operating a motor vehicle while drunk, you could be convicted and face the penalties of drunk driving.

Police officers can simply suspect that you have consumed alcohol before driving. The smell of alcohol on your breath, red eyes or the delays in finding your registration in your glove compartment could result in you being charged. At your trial, the police will present everything you do or say as an indication of your impaired ability to operate a motor vehicle. Therefore, it is critical that you provide as little evidence against yourself as possible.

Remember these rules of what not to do:

• Do not answer any questions other than name and address.
• Do not agree to perform roadside tests.
• Do not agree to have your eyes examined.
• Do not agree to exhale into a handheld breath tester.
• Do not agree to take a breath or blood test.
• Be polite and provide any requested documents.

Being accused of drunk driving in Massachusetts is a very serious matter.  We are experienced with Massachusetts DUI, OUI matters.  Call us to discuss you options!