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Massachusetts Drunk Driving, DUI, OUI

What TO do if you are stopped

  • Politely refuse to tell the officer where you are coming from.
  • Politely refuse to tell the officer if and what you were drinking.
  • Politely refuse to get out of your vehicle in routine traffic stops.
  • Politely refuse to perform field sobriety tests roadside after you've been stopped by the police.
  • Politely refuse a breathalyzer test at the police station after you have been booked for DUI.

You have the right to request to be released from the police station as quickly as possible in order to have your own private blood test performed by a doctor of your choosing.

By choosing to exercise your rights listed above, you will greatly reduce the amount of evidence the police and prosecutor will have to use against you. Drunk Driving is the one crime that is committed by persons that are not criminals. You and your own friends and family, perhaps drove home after attending social events, it is not unusual for people to be drive their car after consuming several drinks. While you may not be showing any visible signs of intoxication or impairment, you will immediately become a drunk driving suspect the moment the officer observes an odor of alcohol coming from you. Most police officers are professional and sympathetic in dealing with persons suspected of drunk driving. They are, however, professionals that are performing their duties. Even though an officer may appear to be friendly, they are gathering evidence for a drunk driving arrest. It is common to let your guard down and say more than you should.  If you choose to politely exercise your rights listed above, you will probably be arrested and charged with DUI. You will, however, find yourself in a much stronger position to win your case when you get to court.

If you are currently in this situation or know a friend or family member that is, contact the Law Office of James M. Ianiri immediately!  We can review you case and recommend alternatives even if you did not exercise your rights listed above.  We investigate the entire arrest process, even physically review the location the arrest occurred.  Many times the location where you performed the field sobriety test does not conform to the conditions required by law.  We have experience in dealing with these cases and have successfully defended individuals accused of DUI, OUI.