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Massachusetts DCF (DSS) Law

Care & Protection

Massachusetts Department of Social Services (Department of Children and Families) performs invaluable services, protecting children from Abuse & Neglect.  In many cases, children are not properly cared for and are in need of assistance.  In other cases however, reports are filed by angry ex-spouses, family members, or even upset neighbors.  Reports can be filed anonymously in Massachusetts, making it even easier to report.  Children are victims of abuse when a child is harmed by anyone caring for them.  Neglect occurs when children are not adequately fed or clothed.  Of course there are many types of abuse, physical, sexual and emotional, which opens the door for many possible accusations.

If you are in the position of an investigation, you need representation immediately!   Once DSS (DCF) receives a report, it begins an investigation. The report may be investigated within 24 hours if it is an emergency, within 10 days if it is not.  During this time, the Department of Social Services (Department of Children and Families) will do home inspection and visits, talk to the children involved or siblings, interview family members inside and outside the household and even probe you.  You have rights during this time, having representation allows you to know and understand these rights.  Contact Attorney James M. Ianiri immediately if you are being investigated by the Massachusetts Department of Social Services (Department of Children and Families).