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Juvenile Law

Is your child facing juvenile charges such as delinquency or youthful offender status in the Massachusetts South Shore (Southeastern, MA) or the greater Boston area? You need an experienced defense lawyer argue your case whether it is a school or criminal matter.  In today's world a criminal record, even a juvenile record can follow your child  for the rest of their life.  We are experienced with the system, charges, and process of defending juveniles.

Juvenile court is a criminal court and juveniles are treated under the same rules of criminal procedure just as adults are.  The District Attorney of Massachusetts prosecutes juveniles, who are subject to arraignment, bail, conditions of pretrial release, and trial. Your child could be committed to the Department of Youth Services, which is the juvenile equivalent of incarceration. We will represent you and your child to help avoid that situation.

We not only represent your child to the best of our abilities, but also help educated your child and sometimes the parents to understand the nature of the charges.  Studies have shown that habitual juvenile offenders tend to become habitual adult offenders.  We believe that through intervention and education, children can change their ways.

We provide experience and services with;

  • Disciplinary and Expulsion Hearings
  • Juvenile Drug Posession Cases
  • CHINS - Child in Need of Services

If your child has been charged with a felony, they can be suspended or expelled from school in Massachusetts. Contact Ianiri Law, LLC today if your child needs experienced representation.