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Ianiri Law

Welcome to the Ianiri Law blog, the best place to obtain crucial, up to the minute information about the Department of Children and Families (DCF) (formerly the Department of Social Services, or DSS) and what to do if you find yourself the target of a DCF investigation or if your child or children are removed from your home.

I (Attorney Jim Ianiri) will also provide you interesting and valuable tips about how to deal with social workers and investigators, school officials and doctors, as well as inform you of the latest trends in child protection law and the most recent court decisions and, most importantly, how best to prepare yourself (and what your legal rights are) when DCF or the police come knocking on your door, or when your child’s school or doctor files a 51A report alleging abuse or neglect, or when a social worker wants to interview you as part of a 51B investigation, or a court investigator or probation officer calls you after a Care and Protection Petition has been filed in Juvenile or Probate court.

I will also share with you recent cases I have handled and how I handled them.  I hope you find this blog useful and informative and please feel free to visit often.


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